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Default Managing Inserts from the Home Page

On the Home page, the Function Scroller shows a row of blocks representing categories of functions that can be manipulated for an Attentioned track. For Inserts (teal), use a Pinch Out gesture to expose all of the inserts in the processing chain. To simplify the view of parameters in the center of the Home screen, access the Local Options (Gear icon) and and set Knob View to "Selected Function". Now when you touch any of the blocks in the Function Scroller it will filter everything else out of the view.

Use the little Lock icons to anchor the chosen (in this case Dynamics) parameters to either side of the Master Module encoders. Dynamics is anchored on the left then Insert parameters for Phoenix II can be anchored to the right side. Unlock the column to swap out Dynamics with EQ for example.

Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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