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Old 05-09-2024, 03:20 AM
aand aand is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Posts: 9
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

The independent sound community returns with 20 new sound effects libraries here:

For sounds of nature, gear up for winter with the chilling snow and ice textures, take a walk through lush nature loops, or create tranquil gurgling soundscapes.

For specific media, we have ethereal sounds of the cosmos for sci-fi soundscapes, dynamic anime motions, a female British detective voice collection, a diverse library of magical spells, and a fun retro pixel game sound effects pack.

For the gearheads, we've got the rumbling purr of a Honda Transalp XL750 motorcycle, a nostalgic 2006 Kia Ceed compact car, and detailed interior car ambiences while on the road.

If you are looking for Foley and textures, check out the rhythmic hums of a mechanical pencil sharpener, the clickety clacks of buttons and switches, realistic sounds of bowling, fun popping toy foam blasters, haunting wind and metal, diverse modern and antique doors, and creative textures that transform everyday objects into instruments.

And if you need that perfect whoosh, we have soaring transitional whooshes, as well as a massive collection of whooshes that covers everything from magic and sci-fi to vehicles and character movements.

Hear all the new sound effects libraries here

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Old 05-09-2024, 02:08 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 170
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

Two new HISSandaROAR libraries released!
From an actual independent sound library business


Our crash test dummy has been falling over a lot recently – mostly outdoors. He’s been falling over on the driveway,
the lawn, concrete path, in gravel and into bushes, ferns, branches and forest debris. A few ‘body drags’ were also
recorded on gravel, as useful elements.
Some falls down a flight of stairs also created some great thumpy interior tumbles & falls.

It’s hard work throwing around a 20kg boxing bag wearing overalls, augmented with pumpkin, potatoes,
a pool noodle and some gloves. This is the third evolution of this method...

NOTE: 33% discount expires in 48 hours

Check out the making Of vid:


NOTE: 33% discount expires May 18th

Check out the making Of vid:

This library is based on an idea I came up with while working on the film THE WARRIOR’S WAY
which involved a lot of Samurai sword fighting action. We recorded swords chopping & slicing vegetables,
but there were so many decapitations in the film I wanted more variety…
And more grit! Especially when needing to ‘cut through’ loud action music!

What I found was that slicing a sword through sand produced an interesting sound,
which could be varied depending on the sword or object used and the texture and density of the sand.
For this library I expanded the concept.

After recording a range of weapons on location in a sand dune, I then collected up
buckets full of sand, fine base metal, gravel and tiny stones and recorded them in my foley room.
Slowly grinding a sword into gravel sounds excruciating, especially imagining it augmented with some
Vegetable Violence squelch and/or Slime Moves.
I also recorded versions after wetting the sand and gravel…
And those stabs and slices sound even more gruesome!!
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Old 05-30-2024, 03:21 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 170
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

New Multitrack Vehicle Library: VEH003 TRAILER ONBOARD

A car trailer was rigged with six mics and my Sony a6300 camera:
- Sennheiser MKH8040 LR, one close up on each wheel
- Sennheiser MKH8020 pair sheltered LR behind the wind shield
- Sennheiser MKH8050 sheltered centre behind the wind shield
- LOM Geofon on chassis, capturing rumble.

The surfaces driven on include:
- up & down my driveway, scraping plants & bushes
- suburban driving 0-50kmph (0-30mph)
- suburban arterial route driving 50-70kmph (30-45mph)
- highway driving 90kmph 55mph
- gravel road driving 0-50kmph(0-30mph)
- driving over multiple judder bars/speed bumps 0-10kmph (0-5mph)

Making Of video

33% discount expires June 9th.

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Old 06-06-2024, 07:35 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 170
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

If you're someone who wonders why people bother recording at high sample rates,
check the FFT at the link below, captured with Sanken CUX100K microphones at 192kHz.
Note how the spectrum of the sounds goes way past human hearing at 20kHz, and past 50kHz right up to 96kHz...

This is a little sample from a new HISSandaROAR sound effects library:

UFX032 PRESSURE Stop Release

This library is an idea found while working on a different library, experimenting with
negative pressure (ie suction) and positive pressure. I noticed that when some rubber sheet
or plastic suddenly blocked the suction, it created a solid ‘thump’ when pulled free.
The rapid release of pressure seemed interesting and lit up my subwoofer!
So I collected up all the accidental pressure suction stops & releases from those recordings
Then I set about exploring this one specific technique, purposefully restricting suction and then
restricting positive pressure from my compressor, creating very sharp transients and spectrum up to 96kHz.
As with IRs and convolution, the ‘noise’ aspect of the sounds means they respond strongly to processing.

If you'd like to have a play with these sounds, I've launched a little sound design challenge
Using 5 x 192kHz sounds provided, make something extraordinary & send me a link!
I'll give away as many copies of the full library as there are extraordinary entries.

Download here:

Deadline June 16th!
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Old 06-14-2024, 03:08 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 170
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

New HISSandaROAR Ambience Library:


Beautiful natural ambiences recorded by a human. No AI. No LLMs.
51 x 24bit 96kHz stereo WAV files = 11.26GB
33% intro discount until June 16th

Making Of vid:
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Old 06-17-2024, 02:53 AM
evs evs is offline
Join Date: May 2003
Posts: 254
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!


Residential Room Tones.
The quiet presence of indoor air.

We are running an early Bird discount until JUNE 25th 2024!

Get it here:


Introducing our latest ambience library, focused entirely on room tones.
Room tones are essential for every indoor scene - they’re subtle but vital.

We've captured the room tones of residential buildings across rural, suburban, and urban environments.
We’ve recorded kitchens, living rooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, basements, hallways - you name it.
(If you want bigger rooms, our “dark ventilation” soundpack may be what you need.)

We put a lot of effort in to get the pure room tone. But we also included single events
These events are carefully edited cutouts from the room tones, featuring various external sounds like cars passing by, traffic, airplanes, walla and neighbour rumble, to enrich your atmosphere when needed.

And… this soundpack is massive.
There are 130 room tone files.
And 42 event files.

3D Audio
Pleasingly wide and deep sound images, that will flatter your ears, and set you directly into the sound.
This is what you get with ambiences recorded with our new 7.0.2 Rig.
Wide spaced omnis and a nice hight layer lets you experience the ambiences as if you are there.

We here at TONSTURM love time of arrival stereophonie, and we love immersive 3D audio.

7.0.2, with 7 x Sennheiser mkh8020 und 2 x mkh 8090.

Needless to say that this rig also records a beautiful 5.0, and we also offer a nice stereo mixdown.

Get it here:

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Old 07-05-2024, 04:30 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 170
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

Two new HISSandaROAR sound libraries just released:

= hefty multitrack metal impacts

Making Of vid:

And a new Impulse Response library:

First capturing IRs from my studio (AKG BX5, Vermona Retroverb, Roland Space Echo 201
& Chorus Echo 555, Doepfer A199.
Second, IRs in springs ranging from 3.4m long to 140mm.
Third capturing IRs from resonant wireframe objects.

Discount available on both until July 14th!

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Old 07-18-2024, 01:15 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 170
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

Had fun making this new UI sound library!

Check the vid - thanks to @xlnaudio for their great browser


33% discount available until July 28th

Also just launched a #soundesign challenge
Make something interesting with some provided 24/192k Contact Mic recordings
& be in to win a free copy of the next library!
Free download here:

Attached Images
File Type: jpg CONTACT_MIC_HISSandaROAR_SDC03_HRTP.jpg (53.5 KB, 0 views)
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