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Old 07-07-2006, 10:23 AM
gerax gerax is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Modena, Italy
Posts: 1,616
Default Still on Dual monitor setup

Hi all!

I did a search on the TDM and LE forums to find a solution for this annoying thing I'm experiencing with PT7.1 (002R/LE setup, hope you don't mind if I ask it here as I think it's not native/HD dependant), but only found part of the solution. I'm still having to deal with the fact that whenever I open a session the window on my right screen (my primary is the left one) is offset by a tiny bit, it's off-centered and I have to manually reposition it to be in the ceneter of the screen with the edges lined up with the main PT window; I already tried the taskbar/closing thing, and it worked to some extent, in that the main window always opens stretched across the two screens, but this little issue with the right window still doesn't work like it should...any tips or ideas? BTW, my right window is the Edit one (I keep them the other way around most users do, mix on the right edit on the left, for me is mix on the left, edit on the right), and I have a Matrox P750 triple head card, set up as dual head + fetaure TV preview, resolution on both screens is 1024x768.


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Old 07-07-2006, 11:48 AM
nikki-k nikki-k is offline
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Hobette Alley
Posts: 2,357
Default Re: Still on Dual monitor setup

Unfortunately, this is an issue, and it does not appear to be high on the priority list (judging by the time it has existed, and number of CS updates).

I use a similar setup, and suffer from the same...err, used to. The only time I do is when a new release comes out, I have to adjust each session I open. Once done, they are all fine ('til next release)

What I have noticed is the left (primary) screen can have say, the Edit window. If I stretch it to fully occupy that "side," it wants, or needs, to have several pixels of "breathing room." If I set the Mix window in the right, or secondary, monitor, and place it within a few pixels of the edge of the Edit window (which I would do if I stretch the Mix window to fully fill the secondary screen), the Edit window "pushes" it to the right, and slightly offscreen. I believe this is what you are speaking of?

If so, it is a simple, albeit PITA, solution: simply give the Edit window a few, or several, pixels of breathing room. WHen stretching the right-hand window (Mix, in my example), simply leave several pixels of space to it's left (closest to the left monitor screen area). I also leave a few pixels of breathing room on the right end of the Mix window, between it and the right-most edge of the PT app.

While this sucks (IMO), I have found that it works every time, and I have had NO issues since adopting this new (PITA) behaviour/bug. Top-to-bottom stretching has been A-OK the entire time. No issues there for me.

If that was your issue, and this proves to be a viable workaround, cool! If not, then if you could take a screenshot and host it somewhere, and point me to it, I can see what you are experiencing and try to help out(if possible). Or, I could throw a screenshot of what I do, and post a link here.
nikki k
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Old 07-07-2006, 12:51 PM
gerax gerax is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Modena, Italy
Posts: 1,616
Default Re: Still on Dual monitor setup

Nikki, many thanx for taking the time to answer.
Unfortunately the behaviour you describe is not what I'm experiencing (or at least it differs a bit); I'll se if I can post a screenshot tomorrow, in the meantime I'll try to give a brief explanation; simply, each time I open a session the main window is stretched across the two screens, as it should, so this is a go; my left window (I have the mix window on the left screen) is perfectly stretched to fill the screen with its edges touching those of the main window, this is another go; my right window (the edit) starts a bit lower and off center (to the right) so that its low and right edges fall beyond the screen's limit, and the horizontal scrolling bar on the main window appears to let me scroll to the end of the edit window, this is a NO GO...what trips me is that the dimensions of the edit window (the right one) are exactly the same as those of the mix/left window...if I drag it in position I don't have to resize it. This is a PITA to do each time I open a new session...not that it prevents me from working, it's 5 seconds I loose on each session, no big deal, but it's definitely a thing I'd like to get rid of...and what makes it worse is that all the various CS didn't fix it...How comes that 6.9 was superstable (graphicwise) and 7 is so buggy??
Well I'll post a pair of screenshots tomorrow, thanx for reading thru the post, I hope somebody has a fix for this.

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