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Old 08-31-2006, 09:46 PM
Xenon Xenon is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Thailand
Posts: 5
Default D-Control Fader Module Not respond

Hi all, I got the problem with one of Fader Module that came along with ICON D-control 32 fader package.

The problem is that when I turn on this Fader Module, its faders move up and down as usual but after that's nothing.

- No "D-Control" word show on LED fader panel as another Fader Module.
- The bottom green light on Ethernet port is lit when insert LAN cable but top LED that show
working status is not respond.
- When I look pass the back of this Fader Module, I can't see the red flashing LED on Fader Comm
Board which I saw on other module (both D-Main and D-Fader).
- I tried to put this Fader Module into Utility mode but got nothing (no respond, no flashing
- When scan for Ethernet controller in Protools 7.1(cs9), only D-Main and another D-Fader that can
- I tried to put this Fader Module into Boot mode by press and hold Select/Mute/Solo switches on
the 1st channel of unit and power up, continue holding but nothing happen.

I already contact with our reseller and wait for solution. I post this problem to see if someone known that what's the cause of this problem (Comm board, Logic psu, etc.).

Best regards

+++ Update +++

After I tried to power up this fault Fader module again, I found the way to boot comm board last.

First, I turn on Fader Module and fader recal up and down as usaul (red LED on comm board Lit up when turn on unit and fade off after fader recal) then I turn it off and on again (about 1 second cycle time) and that's it. The comm board just boot up (fader not recal again, red LED flashing now) and the word "D-Control" was appear on channel strip. I can put unit into utility mode and all test was pass, connect LAN cable and scan in Protools...Okay, I can use all module now...upgrade firmware...test...Change to 7.2...upgrade firmware...hmm, it seem that everything's ok for now.

After that I turn off the unit and turn on again...It seem that I need to use he same procedure everytime I turn it on and it work everytime...hmm
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Old 10-13-2006, 04:37 AM
Amr Mahmoud Amr Mahmoud is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Egypt, Cairo
Posts: 39
Default D-Command Fader Module first 8 Faders Not respond


Please excuse my English,

I had the same problem with my D-Command Fader Module first 8 Faders Not responding ( only the Faders the rest of the channels are okay I mean Rotary/LCD's Track Names Etc..., I tried to press Sel/Mute/Solo & power on the Device but no way to reset it as before upgrading to protools 7.2, & also when I power on the fader unit the 9 to 16 faders calibrate at startup but from
Fader 1 to 8 don't calibrate at all, they are dead.

I have a G5 PPC/ 8 GB Memory/ 250 HD / Protools HD3, 192 Interface / D-Command 24 channels/ Protools version 7.2 cs1 PPC/
D-Command Firmware version 7.2.056

I tryed to downgrade the frimware for D-Command to version 7.1.059 but no way the fader module in the middle of the proccess give a message that the upgrade was unsuccess please check you eathernet cable, I changed this cable 2 times always no way.
now my D-command read version 7.1.059 but how ? if the upgrade proccess didn't continue? I don't know

I already contacted the dealer in Egypt & we sent to digi the situation but still no good & real answer, I think digi don't know yet what is the reason for this situation, it seems that they are just starting to face this problem & they was not ready for it yet,
or there is a problem in some Logic Board in these remotes!!!!!!!

Now in another thread they are saying do not upgrade your 192 Interface with the new firmware form protools version 7.2.1 MACPro Mac intel, for the people who already bought the new MAC Pro, why go fast like this without testing things first !!!!!!

I think DIgidesign are passing a very bad moment in there upgrades & 7.2 Full of bugs & strange behavior in many area,
D-Control & D-Command lot's of problems every where, they have to test before releasing anything like this,
now instead I am doing music I am trying to figure problem out, I realy started to hate computers they realy waiste time for nothing & you have to go to the net to solve problem & get Updates, now my D-Command is shut down & I will not waiste any time to see what is inside, hope the dealer will.

I am just writing this to answer you & tell you that are not alone & we will see more other D-Command & Control soon here because these problems will grow I am sure, because of the fast ugrades & less tests.

I hope to see an Administrator from Didi talking to us here very soon & EXPLAIN anything to us concerning these dead Remotes.


Amr Mahmoud
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Old 10-14-2006, 02:34 PM
mtung mtung is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: Oslo, Norway
Posts: 481
Default Re: D-Command Fader Module first 8 Faders Not respond

I too have experienced dead fader packs on two different D-commands. Same problem with upgrading firmware. I tried everything. Unfortunately, the last time this happened, it happened on the loaner unit from the dealer while mine was to get fixed for a bunch of "fighting" faders and "sleeping" faders (those that don't go where they are supposed to). I got my broken one back for now.

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Old 11-06-2006, 01:11 AM
fantom27 fantom27 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
Posts: 36
Default Re: D-Control Fader Module Not respond


I came across your post while trying to solve my own problems with a D Command...I ended up finding a solution.

Here was my problem

What I did was reboot from an older version of PT, in my case 7.1, and then after resetting the board, I did the firmware update that PT7.1 contained, which brought me to a firmware version BEFORE the 7.2 recommended version...

In my case version worked fine, but the recommeded firmware version for use with PT 7.2, version was bogus....

Don't know if this helps, but you can check my post above for a more detailed explanation....


Dual G4 1.25 Ghz
OSX 10.4.6
HD4 Accel
PT 7.2 cs1
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