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Old 03-21-2011, 06:47 PM
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Default Eleven Rack Expansion Pack (ERXP) FAQ

Avid Eleven Rack Expansion Pack (Firmware v. 2.0) FAQ

Q: What is the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack (ERXP)?

A: ERXP is an expansion of Eleven Rack’s feature set, including new Amplifiers (17), cabinets (8, +2 new mic models for the bass cab), FX models (6), and Speaker Breakup, greatly expanding the tonal possibilities of Eleven Rack.

For the specifics, check out the ERXP product page at AVID.com:
Eleven Rack Expansion Pack

And the full details can be found in the ERXP Read Me pdf:
Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Read Me (v2.0.1)

Q: What exactly is installed by the ERXP installer?

A: The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack installer does two things:

1) Updates the following Pro Tools Plug-Ins files on your computer to support the new amps, cabs and FX in the Eleven Rack control window:

  • Eleven_Delay_UI.dpm
  • Eleven_Distortion_UI.dpm
  • Eleven_Dynamics_UI.dpm
  • Eleven_EQ_UI.dpm
  • Eleven_Modulation_UI.dpm
  • Eleven_UI.dpm
  • Eleven_Volume_UI.dpm
2) Places an “Avid Eleven Rack Updater” application or folder on your desktop. Run this second Updater to update your Eleven Rack’s internal memory with the new Amps, Cabs, FX etc. IMPORTANT: You must run this Updater to install the new Firmware v. 2.0 on your Eleven Rack hardware.

Q: Can I use my ERXP-updated Eleven Rack at my friend’s studio? He doesn’t have ERXP installed on his Pro Tools system.

A: Yes, you can, as all of the Amp/Cab and FX processing occurs in the Eleven Rack—but in order to see all of the new Amps, Cabs and FX in the Pro Tools Guitar Window, you will need to bring the main ERXP installer along with you to the studio and run it on that system. This will place all of the necessary UI files in the Plug-ins folder. You can run that part of the ERXP installer as many times as you wish, on supported Pro Tools systems (see grid below). It’s a small installer which should fit easily on most thumb drives. Note that you cannot run the Avid Eleven Rack Updater application on another machine without additional serial codes.

Q: Do I have to be online to run the ERXP installer?

A: The installer installs some Plug-ins into your Pro Tools Plug-ins folder, and places an Avid Eleven Rack Updater application on your desktop (which is used to flash your firmware with version 2.0). You do not need to be on the internet to run the first portion of the installer, but you do have to be connected to run the Eleven Rack Updater firmware application. IMPORTANT: You can only run the Firmware Updater portion of ERXP (the part which requires the serial numbers) on ONE SYSTEM. Once you have run the FW Updater on your Eleven Rack and it is updated to Firmware version 2.0, there should be no need to run the FW Updater again. However, you can take the ERXP installer with you to install the Eleven Rack Pro Tools Plug-ins on another system.

Q: Can I install the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack on earlier versions of Pro Tools?

A: As a last resort, yes, but they are not tested, qualified, supported or recommended—there are important additions to Pro Tools which are only available in the latest dot-releases and which are required by ERXP for best performance. Pro Tools LE 8.0.5, Pro Tools HD 8.1.1 and Pro Tools 9.0.2/9.0.2 HD—all available as free updates for registered Pro Tools users— are the only initially tested and qualified systems for ERXP. Installing ERXP on earlier versions may cause mismatches between the hardware and the Guitar Window. If that occurs, the hardware display is ‘right’... but please do update to avoid this! IMPORTANT: Update your Pro Tools system to 8.0.5LE, 8.1.1HD or 9.0.2 prior to running the ERXP Installer. Whichever version of Pro Tools you are running, you must run the ERXP installer LAST, after you have fully updated Pro Tools to the latest supported version. Macintosh PowerPC machines are no longer supported or qualified.

Q: Do I have to have Pro Tools installed to update my firmware?

A: No, but you do need to have the Eleven Rack driver installed or the updater will not be able to find the Eleven Rack or install the new FW onto it. The latest Eleven Rack drivers for Mac or Windows can be found at http:// www.avid.com/drivers. Run the appropriate one for your system, make sure Eleven Rack is showing up in the Eleven Rack control panel, and then run the ERXP Updater.

Q: Can I turn Speaker Breakup off if I don’t want to use it in a particular Rig?

A: Yes. Just set the Speaker Breakup level to 0.0 on Page 2 of the Cab controls (LCD display) or by moving the slider at the bottom of the amplifier to 0.0 (far left) in the guitar window. NOTE: Speaker Breakup remains ON when the Cab is bypassed. This is intended mainly to support the Outputs to Amp feeding a real amplifier (“Rig Out no Cab”)—it can add just the right amount of sparkle or saturation with some amplifiers. To turn Speaker Breakup off in the current Rig, go to the Cab controls page on the HW LCD screen, or use the slider in the AMP/CAB block in the guitar window, and set the Speaker Breakup control to 0.0 (‘true bypass’). If you have the amp+cab bypassed for a vocal take and the vocals sound ‘fizzy’, check the Speaker Breakup setting as a possible cause.

Q: Why do some of my presets sound ‘fizzy’ now, or different than they did before the update? Can I do something about it?

A: Some of the old amps have always had a Speaker Breakup value assigned ‘under the hood’, but there was nothing to apply it to. With ERXP, your Rigs now know what to do with that information—assign it to Speaker Breakup. If you wish to remove Speaker Breakup from your Rig, navigate to page 2 of the CAB controls (HW) or the AMP/CAB block in the Pro Tools Guitar Window, and set Speaker Breakup to 0.0. This is true bypass and will restore your sound to its original state…though for many Rigs, it improves them!

Q: Will installing ERXP wipe out my saved Rigs?

A: No. The Rigs in your User bank will remain untouched. However, ERXP will install a new set of Factory Rigs (a1...z4). IMPORTANT: As a precaution, it is highly recommended that you save backup copies of all of your User Rigs prior to running the FW Updater, by doing the following:
  1. Launch Pro Tools with the Eleven Rack drivers installed and your Rack connected to USB.
  2. In the Guitar Window, “Rig Settings” menu, select ‘Save all Rigs to Computer’ to save all of your current User Presets to the folder of your choice.
  3. Quit Pro Tools. (if Pro Tools is running, the FW Updater will fail and you’ll need to reboot your CPU and Rack)
  4. Run the ERXP installers.
Q: Can I still use my favorite custom Rigs with the new Firmware v. 2.0?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I load my Rigs from Firmware v. 2.0 onto an older Rack with Firmware v. 1.0.3?

A: No. Attempting to do so will result in an error message. Rigs created in FW v. 2.0 will only load into Firmware 2.0 or higher.

Q: Do I need an iLok to install ERXP?

A: No. You will still need an iLok to authorize Pro Tools HD 8.0.5, 8.1.1, Pro Tools & Pro Tools HD 9.0.2 or your personal Plug-ins which require it, but the ERXP installer does not require one. You just need to have your serial numbers and be online to complete the installation and activation processes.

Q: I don’t even have Firmware 1.0.3 yet. Do I need to install that before I install ERXP?

A: No. You should be able to update any previous version of the firmware to v. 2.0, as long as the drivers are installed.

Q: What can I do if I get a "SystemId Entered does not match the SystemId on record for this Serial" error?

A: You'll need to contact Avid CS to resolve this.
Avid Audio Tech Support
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