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Old 01-20-2017, 04:22 AM
cw2k_2 cw2k_2 is offline
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Default Getting free sheet music with Scorch (or how to convert *.sco -> *.sib)

open free .sco files in sibelius
Originally Posted by Falk Rene Beigang - 17 Nov 09:15PM (edited 17 Nov 09:18PM)
is there a possibility to open free .sco (scorch files) in sibelius to edit it? i want to modify some arrangement i found on sibeliusmusic.com for my musicclass ensembles. now i have to print out the sheets and scan with photoscore to have the possibility of editing in sibelius. it is not comfortable.


Of course you can open .sco again in Sibelius.
But it requires some 'magic' to undo da bad stuff and unwrap the 'CCSCORCH'-Layer.
In early days I patches sibelius.exe(Sibelius710b54_CW2K_Edition.7z) to also open *.sco files. However to cover the cases were there is an pdf wrapped into a *.sco and just for fun I made a special program call 'SCORA':

^-that's a text link !!! (* scroll to end for more)
GUI is windows(VB6) but the main part(SCORA.jar) of the converter is in java so it could be run on both PC and MAC.

SCORA is short for Scorch away and will completely unwrap *.sco files.

And here's a shortcut for the Scorch-player *Windows only*:

It'll remove all restrictions and allow to view&print all pages as well as save the output as *.midi or *.sco.

Well you may test it here:

Scorch-player is not working since Webkit (Chrome, Opera, Safari) kicked out NSAPI-support. I recommand to use of firefox or Internet explorer that may still has it.

However you don't need the Scorch-player. Just open website source( in Chrome Ctrl+U) and search for .sco

HTML Code:
		<embed id="ScorchPlugin" 
... and there he is the SCO-Download-Link
Download it to were SCORA is (run cmd_exe) and type in (Copy&paste)
SCORA.cmd smd_h_0000000000097761.sco
You can also just double click on some *.sco and tell windows to open these files with SCORA.cmd
(or rightclick and choose Open with.../Choose standard program to bring up the 'open with dialog' again)

*now cross your fingers. I hope all that java stuff is installed correctly on ya system so the converter'll work*
->smd_h_0000000000097761.sib ( or sometimes *.pdf) will come out that'll open fine in Sibelius.

__________________________________________________ _____
(*) About textlinks
In an effort to reduce SPAM, until you have made 5 forum posts, any posts that contain links (URLs) will require moderator approval.
to comply with this I'll turn all links into text links. To open them
  1. select them
  2. right click and choose 'Open website'. 'Follow Link' or something like this that your browser offers to you.
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Old 03-09-2023, 02:28 PM
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Default Re: Getting free sheet music with Scorch (or how to convert *.sco -> *.sib)

This looks great but I can't download it because it needs my username and password.
How do I register for access?
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