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Old 01-19-2021, 01:09 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

new HISSandaROAR Sound FX Library: SD046 FOIL is now released!
11GB 24bit 192kHz of crunchy crunch!


Making Of video:
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Old 02-26-2021, 12:10 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

HISSandaROAR SD047 GLASS Unusual FX is now released!!

We are thrilled and relieved to finish and release this new Sound FX Library
without incurring any nasty damage from spending over a month playing with glass!


My initial plans for a small concise library rapidly grew out of control as I began
exploring the medium, until I eventually had over 15 hours of recordings in my edit
session. And just as I thought I was nearing completion, I innocently asked on social
media if there were any other glass sounds that people have trouble finding.
The response provided so many excellent ideas that I ended up having to split the library in two.

As the title infers, SD047 GLASS Unusual FX collates the stranger sounds while all
the more practical glass sounds are collected in the imminent SD048 GLASS Practical FX,
due for release next week.

Check out the Making Of video:

SD047 GLASS Unusual FX totals 17GB of 24bit 192kHz material including:
GLASS Pane Squeaks via wet finger, hand, sponge, foam << WILD sounds!!
GLASS Pane Groans via friction mallet
GLASS Auto Windscreen Squeaks via wet finger, squeegee, hand, sponge, foam
GLASS Auto Windscreen Groans via friction mallet
GLASS Vessel*Friction clicks squeaks via thumb
GLASS Chimes using shards & wine glasses
GLASS Vessels Bowed x24
GLASS Vessels Tones via 'singing wineglass'*finger friction
GLASS Vessels Shake LFE Subrattlers x Earthquake!!

Captured stereo 24bit 192kHz via MKH8040 ORTF, this new library contains some
extraordinary sounds and is a deep resource that will continue to reward creative
use for many years to come.

For 33% discount please use Coupon Code "VASE" at checkout* (expires March 14th)

Also note: all future discount codes will be exlsuive to our mail list.
Join mail list here:

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Old 03-10-2021, 01:21 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

HISSandaROAR recently released SD048 GLASS Practical FX,
the companion library to previous GLASS Unusual FX library.


SD048 GLASS Practical FX includes:

GLASS Breaks & Smashes
GLASS Debris - drop, move, scrape, drag
GLASS Shards - single drops, sorted by break, or clean
GLASS Stress cracks, creaks & grinds
GLASS Auto Windscreen - hit, break, crack, twist
GLASS Footsteps - on single fragments, debris, scrapes, twists, drags
GLASS Moves - pane scrapes, edge friction
GLASS Shake - multiple performed
GLASS Pane Hits - small, medium, large - deep resonant ringing & damped
GLASS Dings - wine glass 'ding' empty & w water, then two together x cheers
GLASS Taps - percussive, decay & resonance variations
GLASS Vessel - friction moves & scrapes
GLASS Chandelier Bits - tinkle, handling, pickup, putown, drops

Check out the Making Of video:

Discount codes are now exclusive to our mail list, sign up here:
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Old 04-15-2021, 03:24 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

HISSandaROAR IR001 GLASS Impulse Response library is now released!


Sweeps were captured in 32 empty glass objects, then filled with water, and then jelly! #sounddesign #gameaudio

Making of video is updated with example processed sounds:

This collection of GLASS Object Impulse Responses contains five specific approaches:

1. 32 Empty Glass Object IRs were captured using an MKH8020 mic. The two yard glasses (& other narrow neck bottles) were captured using a DPA4060 mic. These objects can be thought of as a tiny concert hall, with small scale room modes and peaky resonance with a glassy tone. The IRs tend to be short & high frequency, with the total volume and the size of the neck contributing to their tonality.

2. Pitch shifted IRs at half speed & quarter speed.
As with all convolution, frequencies that are common to the source and the IR are accentuated, for example if you convolve a sub bass sound with a violin you get nothing. So as an experiment I tried pitch shifting the 32 Glass Object IRs, and at both half speed and quarter speed the spectrum of the resonance is lowered into potentially useful range, and of course elongated.

3. Underwater IRs Next each of the objects were filled with water and underwater IRs were captured using a hydrophone. As water is denser than air, the speed of sound is faster which equates to higher frequency, faster reflections and strangely harmonic ringy IRs. Pitch shifted underwater IRs at half speed & quarter speed are also included.

4. Jelly IRs. Three of the objects were filled with jelly, and IRs were captured with the hydrophone set in three flavours of jelly. Pitch shifted Jelly IRs at half speed & quarter speed are also included. Jelly causes strange harmonic resonance.

5. Iterated IRs While working on this collection I was reminded of the fascinating work by Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room, where Lucier played a recording of his voice into a room, captured the room sound and then replayed it into the room, again recording it. As the process is repeated again and again, the dialogue becomes entirely unintelligible as the iterated room acoustic slowly becomes a harmonic drone.
To achieve this with an IR, I iterated the process playing the captured IR back into the object. As a test, I iterated ten times and found the IRs rapidly became diffuse and accentuated tonal resonance, with blurred transients. Some iterated IRs almost sounding like harmonic feedback while others latched on to low frequencies. Based on the results I decided to include the first and third iterations.

In total this collection contains 345 Impulse Responses.
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Old 05-06-2021, 01:17 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

New HISSandaROAR release IR002: METAL OBJECT Impulse Response Library

Sweeps were captured in 43 metal objects, ranging in scale from a soda can to an empty grain silo,
along with 3 waterphones and 8 vintage gas tanks.


Note: Mail list subscriber 33% discount expires May 16th

Check the making of vid for some funny verby breakbeat action...
Trainspotters tip: play vid on youtube at 125% speed and it almost becomes melodic jungle!

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Old 05-23-2021, 03:09 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

HISSandaROAR new sound library releases for May!!

While doing an alpine wind recce at Tukino Ski Field, I came across a metal security gate
that shrieked like demonic feedback! I ended up spending a few hours capturing creaks,
slams, shakes as well as latch, chain & lock actions.
Check the Making Of vid, amazing location!!

(2.04GB as 39 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files US$29)

On the same recording trip I revisited a geothermal mudpool and recorded from
beneath the surface, risking a pair of hydrophones to the boiling mud.

(1.39GB as 12 x 24bit 96kHz stereo .WAV files US$29)

UNIT FX are our super-affordable laser-focused single-prop libraries,
while still pursuing high resolution and multiple takes...

(1.43GB as 60 x stereo 24bit 192kHz stereo .WAV files US$15)
Originally recorded for a film back in 2010, this library captures all actions from a
spring wound Bolex 16mm film camera: wind up, oeprate at 8, 16, 24, 64fps
as well as single frame, Sanke CSS5 and Dual Contact Mics.

UFX010 BITE Apple
(64MB as 4 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files US$6)
Sweet Tango apple variety are reknown for maximum crunch due to having
cells twice the size of regular apples. I got some, recorded high rez bites and cracks,
then some hangry zombie bites.

UFX011 POP Cork
(78MB as 7 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files US$6)
The liquor industry is transitioning away from cork, so sustainability means less true cork pops
in the future. These are red wine and liquor bottle cork pops (not fizzy champagne)
Sound great detuned!

(167MB as 5 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files US$6)
Same corks, but close mic'd so I could perform*characterful squeaks.
Great material for cute character vocals for animation and video games!

UFX013 METAL Car Jack Wrangle
(250MB as 10 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files US$10)
My very first car was a Ford Escort MK1 and its tyre jack was invaluable for weapon foley.
A few decades later I sourced another & performed a wide range of moves, handling & rattles.

UFX014 AIR Blow Bottle
(27MB as 6 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files US$6)
While I had the bottles in the studio I performed*breaths across the open bottle tops.
Useful for*granular as well as projectile trails, whooshes, transitions, textures and drones....
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Old 06-11-2021, 02:10 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

New HISSandaROAR ambience library now released:

12.3Gb of multi channel rain recording as it falls on different objects and surfaces


Check the making Of video:
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Old 07-05-2021, 03:40 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

Three new releases for HISSandaROAR!


Following on from IR001 GLASS and IR002 METAL, this library of impulse responses explores the acoustics of wood objects,
ranging in size and scale from a pencil case to an upright piano,*two double basses, two congas, bass drum, Guzheng,
Koto, two acoustic guitars, a semi acoustic bass guitar, two ukeleles, two timbales, two toms, a violin, two toy pianos,
three kalimbras, a zither, three tongue drums, a slit drum, log drum, wood block, koto suitcase and an antique ash box.
Sweeps were captured using MKH8020 mics, stereo where possible with the large objects, while the very small objects
were captured using a DPA4060 mic.

check out Making of video:

Hits and impacts of two heavy metal dumbwell weight racks, suspended on bungee cords!

check out Making of video:

A heavy metal pipe that rings like a bell!

check out Making of video:
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Old 07-12-2021, 11:54 PM
bangerlab bangerlab is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Location: USA
Posts: 1
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

Here is one of my favorite FX library https://www.producerspot.com/product...nalog-sweeps-i
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Old 07-23-2021, 05:28 PM
subbasshead subbasshead is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: wellington, new zealand
Posts: 148
Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

New HISSandaROAR Library of Organic UI Sounds:

Making ‘hi tech’ electronic UI sounds is so easy now that it's almost a no-brainer,
but what if you want the gentle click & clack of organic sounds?

This new library provides a multitude of options, with the potential of using
materiality associated with your project's subject matter.


Note: 33% Early Bird Discount is auto applied, no coupon code needed
Discount expires July 31st

Check out Making Of video at YOUTUBE:
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