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Old 01-23-2002, 02:36 PM
CodeBlue CodeBlue is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: TEXAS
Posts: 16
Default HELP...I\'m still learning

Hey...the more I use PTLE, the more I want to know about it. I just have a few questions that I'm sure you experts can help me out with:

1. How do you create a master fader for your song once you have all the tracks laid?

2. Is there any way to increase the volume of all the tracks collectively other than using the "Gain" processor?

3. Where can I find a Bomb Factory Bundle of plug-ins, and can I download PT D-VERB?

4. What kind of reference monitors do you guys suggest? I've been using a sony sound system and a subwoofer that's used in home entertainment systems. It sounded good when I mixed it on those, but when I bounced it and burned it using Nero, it sounded flat (the brilliance was gone and the bass was overpowering). What should I use to give me a better picture of what it will sound like in a normal system.

I would appreciate any random advice you wanna' give me. I'm new at this but I'm getting pretty good at it and we've recorded some pretty good stuff. Thanks for all your help.
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Old 01-23-2002, 02:50 PM
Avid's Avatar
Avid Avid is offline
Join Date: Apr 1998
Location: Worldwide
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Default Re: HELP...I\'m still learning

I'm not sure what system you are using, but here are a couple of answers:

1- Pro Tools 5.1 Reference Guide (Index, but doing a find would bring this up as well)
Master Faders
adding 333
and DSP usage 568
as master send level control 349
inactive 334
inserts 356
meters pre/post fader 334
multi-channel 435
paths 337
post-fader inserts 333
signal flow 333

3a- www.bombfactory.com

3b-D-Verb is included with Digi 001 and ToolBox PT LE systems. If you are using Pro Tools Free, a demo version is included on the PT Free CD, or if you only have the downloaded version of PT Free, you could try downloading the demo version from the Products/All Products Index/Software section of the website. (I'm not sure if that demo works with PT Free, but give it a shot)
A special version of D-Verb RTAS for Pro Tools Free is available for purchase in the DigiStore for $49.95.
Avid Pro Audio Community
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Old 01-23-2002, 02:59 PM
homerg homerg is offline
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Dallas, Texas, US
Posts: 441
Default Re: HELP...I\'m still learning

1-Go to File\addnew track\ select stereo\Master fader.

2-You can add a stereo compressor and Limiter to your new master fader.

3-http://www.bombfactory.com/ You can download a demo and you can buy on line too. If you purchased 001 you should have gotten D-Verb included. If you are using PTLE free then I guess you can get it from Digidesign's on-line store.

4- I'm using the Events 8" active monitors. They give you a good flat response. Check them out here. http://event1.com/
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Corsair XMS PC3200 400MHZ 1GB
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ProTools LE 6.4
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Old 01-23-2002, 03:17 PM
basschair basschair is offline
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Stockton, Ca.
Posts: 958
Default Re: HELP...I\'m still learning

This is NOT a blind endorsement for anyone, and I've got no ties to the author or publisher, so I've got nothing to gain by this suggestion:

The book Producing in the Home Studio with Pro Tools by David Franz is a really good book for beginners. It goes through the basic but extremely necessary procedures. You can also invest in the bound version of the Reference Guide, though it should be included in .pdf form on the PTLE CDrom.
XP2500+, a7v8x-x, 60/80G drives, pc2700 Micron, SIIG 3 port, win xp home, Radeon video, ADS/WD 120 FW drive, 002r PTLE 6.1.1 stable as can be.
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Old 01-24-2002, 04:02 AM
Bastiaan Bastiaan is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Nederland
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Default Re: HELP...I\'m still learning

for the increase of overall volume you can do several things:

- use audiosuite to normalize your tracks

- use the trim-plugin

- send a hotter signal to ptle when recording (this is the best!!!!)

- adjust (when recording) the software gain (in the hardware-menu i think)

As for monitors: these are very important and you should get professional ones. Dont play cheap on them. I use Tannoy reveals and i am pleased with them.
You said you are using a sony soundsystem that normally is used for gaming? Well.....those ones have some sort of eq built in to make everything boomy and punchy. Get rid of it and connect a normal amp with normal speakers (pref. proffesional monitors) and go from there. Mixing with headphones is a nono by the way....

What's that?
- That's the machine that goes "pling".

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