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Old 11-07-2022, 12:59 AM
delta delta is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Default repairing corrupt plugins help please

So I have a session corrupted and worked out tht the issue is 5 corrupt plugins,3 TDM and 2 RTAS. Can anyone tell me how I can repair them. Wondering wether plugin installer prefs in DAE prefs folder should be trashed?
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Old 11-07-2022, 11:23 AM
Top Jimmy's Avatar
Top Jimmy Top Jimmy is offline
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Default Re: repairing corrupt plugins help please

Unfortunately there is no repair for a corrupted session per se. Trashing prefs not only for Pro Tools but also for any 3rd party problematic plugins would be where I would start.

If the session has corrupted inserts, you should still be able to open the session holding the shift key to deactivate the plugins as the session loads. Then you can reactivate the plugins one by one until you find the culprit. When I find the problem plugin, I just remove it from the session.

If the session won’t open, the only other common way to recover is using import session data to import tracks to a new session.

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Old 11-07-2022, 11:52 AM
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albee1952 albee1952 is offline
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Default Re: repairing corrupt plugins help please

My personal steps:
#1-trash prefs and test.

If its still not working, proceed as follows:
1-uninstall the rogue plugins
2-trash prefs
3-install plugins(with freshly downloaded installers if you can find them)

Having said that, first, try those plugins in a blank session. If they work there, and you can save>close>re-open the session, you might get away with removing the plugins from the troubled session and re-instantiate them, maybe the corruption lies with the session and not the plugins directly).
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Old 11-07-2022, 11:59 PM
delta delta is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 59
Default Re: repairing corrupt plugins help please

Thanks for the help, I think it's a corrupt insert issue actually. Have done what has been suggested. Plugins work in other sessions. Unfortunately the session in question is huge, an album. Over 40 tracks of audio,many plugings etc.

Maybe I could expand.Started getting DAE to slow messages while mixing, ran some utilities and my start up disk directory is damaged.Unable to fix with disk warrior and unable to clone with coycatz or crbon copy cloner. I have a duplicate G5 loaded exactly the same as the other. It's on this machine that the session in question won't load, hangs on activating inserts. The 1st G5 still starts up and opens the session but DAE too slow keeps coming up and the machine is not happy generally,I guess because of the damaged directory.

Weird how one machine will open the session but not the other. They are identical in every aspect, with the second ones start up drive cloned from the first originally.Only differences may lie in the few months since I've used the second machine?
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Old 11-08-2022, 04:39 AM
Darryl Ramm Darryl Ramm is online now
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: USA
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Default Re: repairing corrupt plugins help please

"It's a mess and it not work" ...

Lets back way up and start with you providing the expected basic info about your computers, configs, OS X and Pro Tools versions.

You may be confusing things a bit with language here. I would sure suspect you have a *corrupt session*, which is what you likely mean by "corrupt insert". You may also have corrupt or incompatible plugins causing problems, even if both systems have neatly identical or actually identical plugin installations... because plugins can cause all sorts of problems, and maybe something like a minor session corruption or different plugin data saved in a session trigger some bad behavior, maybe bad behavior from a plugin not even being used... so just always suspect plugins, and you start that plugin testing by moving all plugin files out of the plugin folder(s).

You are talking about "start up disk directory" is damaged? You mean the /boot directory? Your home directory?

First thing to do is preserve all current backup/archive copies of your sessions, you should have those already on multiple different drives and ideally on cloud storage. Don't do anything that risks losing those backups, and don't copy current suspect sessions off of any computer over old, maybe healthier, backups.

If the filesystem on one of your computers is corrupt then make one part of this project being to get that fixed: recover the drive from a clone backup or reinstall OS X and restore your sessions etc. from their backups. If the drive hardware is faulty replace the drive first. "My filesystem is corrupted and..." cannot be part of your thought process. Fix the corruption problem first. You don't give any real details of this corruption, or if you are working on the other computer with a session backup from before the first computer seemed to get corrupted or not? If you have significant recent work on the faulty drive that is not backed up and cannot recover it, then you should have stopped using that drive, removed it from the computer and consulted a drive recovery company... and maybe get running again on that computer with a new drive.

Things behave different on different computers likely because the software installation/setup on them *is* different. All it might take is one config parameter different in a preference file or a slightly different version of a plugin on one system. You solve problems not by making absolute assumptions like the computer software setup are identical but by doing experiments/tests as you simplify setups and make them more similar, especially starting by doing some of the standard troubleshooting tests described under "help us help you" up the top of every DUC web page. Do this on both computers (after fixing the corrupt file system/drive problem on the computer that has that issue) especially paying attention to trashing prefs, testing by moving all plugin files out of the plugin folder(s), testing by saving session to a new session folder, testing from creating a new admin user account, and testing with 'Built-In Output' as the playback engine if you can. When you post again, make clear exactly what you did test and the results.

Having a whole album in a single session has always seemed a very unnecessary risk to me, you might want to change that when you get out of this current mess.

What *exact* DAE error are you getting? if its the drive too slow/fragmented then what exact drive make/model are you recording to? Is that a dedicated separate audio/session drive? What filesystem is on the drive? How exactly is that drive attached to the computer?

What are the session sample rate and H/W Buffer size? Many VIs or non-TDM plugins used in these songs?

There are likely many posts on DUC and in the Avid knowledge-base about tracking down specific DAE errors so it is often useful to search for those using your error message.

Last edited by Darryl Ramm; 11-08-2022 at 10:33 AM.
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Old 11-09-2022, 12:25 AM
delta delta is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 59
Default Re: repairing corrupt plugins help please

Firstly Thank you Darryl for taking the time to give such a detailed response.So here's the update. The suspect drive in the first G5 did fail with disk utiity unable to repair. I have replaced it and cloned from the startup disk in the second machine and everything seems to be working fine on the 1st G5.hooray.

The second machine still not right. I have erased one of the internal drives and cloned it from the now working first G5. I have also erased the internal drive reinstalled OSX 10.4 and protools. Neither of these actions has helped. The album session can't get past "activating inserts" on opening the session(it will load without plugins). Also if I open a new session it opens fine but if I put multiple tracks into record I get at least a minute of spinning beachball before it starts recording. Same if i just hit play. Only when multiple tracks are in record though. Maybe this tells you something?

Being such an old system my safety net is to have a second G5 to swap out if I have issues with the first mid-session with clients. It has worked well for a few years. So although I now have a working G5 the second G5 is still having the issues described above. I maybe wrongly assuming that the original issue was a damaged start up disk but by replacing and cloning it seems to have resolved issues. What is puzzling me is that I cloned it from the second G5s startup disk which has actually still got issues described.

All pro tools session run from external Glyph firewire drives.Not sure "what file system is on these drives" but again I am swapping them between whichever G5 I am using. Apologies for the language ignorance!

You are talking about "start up disk directory" is damaged? You mean the /boot directory? Your home directory? not sure I understand this question. Start up disk as in the disk I select in system prefs to start the machine from.

I hope this is understanble, please excuse my lack of understanding of the mac details!
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