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Old 08-30-2000, 03:03 PM
Kickin.da.speaker Kickin.da.speaker is offline
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: City of Angels
Posts: 2,081
Default Re: how come....

Coaster: when I feel really depressed, I just sit on the keyboard or giutar and look for the sadest chord progression ever. The darkest, most depressing one, the one that'll make everyone cry......sometimes it turns into a song....and makes me happy! Now that's perverted....

6am eternal

6am eternal
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Old 08-30-2000, 03:03 PM
coaster coaster is offline
Join Date: Oct 1999
Location: fargo nd usa
Posts: 1,042
Default Re: how come....

it is nice here, isn't it?

but no one has figured out the correct reason i am peeved.

keep trying, you'll get it.
for the faint of goth
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Old 08-30-2000, 03:18 PM
naman naman is offline
Join Date: Mar 2000
Posts: 238
Default Re: how come....

...do you need to get laid?
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Old 08-30-2000, 03:29 PM
nuke nuke is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 276
Default Re: how come....

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">quote:<HR>Originally posted by lwilliam:
I play Quake in god mode until I've gotten it all out of my system.

Carmageddon-II, cranked up loud through the studio monitors.

I love the squishy sound of car wheels over the bloody bodies.
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Old 08-30-2000, 03:34 PM
sidereal sidereal is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: san francisco ca usa
Posts: 380
Default Re: how come....

Hmmmm... a puzzle. Let's see...

You're terrified that the world of audio production is being dummed down to the lowest common denominator. That all of your education and experience as an engineer and music lover is going to be washed away by immature, arrogant newbies who threaten to destroy that which you are most passionate about.

Just a wild guess. Do I win?
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Old 08-30-2000, 04:00 PM
link link is offline
Join Date: Feb 2000
Posts: 216
Default Re: how come....


here's your answer:

You feel like you might quit music now.

You need to find a nice 7-11 job to pay the woman who left cuz you spend too much time on music.

You are still working on your degree in industry, have 5 credits left of 128, $90,000 in bills and a $12,000 overhead at your studio. your unpaid for 8600/300 is now obsolete, and your last income check for a master production will be lucky to pay your repair bill for your effects proc that just went down.

You have a computer/daw that cost $9,000 and is now worth $750, and you are still paying for it.

You drive a 1969 dodge truck with the original tires, original shocks, and 5 flavors of primer paint, and you can't even afford that.

You are so sick of getting yelled at during set change that your phillip glass cd's are crappy music.

Is your cd player skipping, or did someone actually make a cd that sounds like that.

You hate the following scenarios when dumb people say:

"Could i have more reverb in my monitor? hi, i am an inexperienced drummer who sings backups, could you take the snare out of my monitor (you have actually heard this, think about it)"

"My accordian needs two mics, and i don't care if your mixer only has 24 inputs and there all used, make it work. can i use this peice of junk nady i brought?"

"Why is it cutting out, it's your fault - your just the soundman".

"I have no amp so could you run the bass in the monitors? i have this special impedance converter- i'll just plug it in your snake. could you turn down the mains? could you turn up the mains? the people over there can't hear, can we angle the front of house so they don't have to move? were going to belch during the guitar solo, could you take an extra channel and pitch shift it down an octave? hi, i brought 2 8*10's and 4 4*10's for my bass, why are the vocals drowned out? **we're going to go get laid, could you put the front of house and stage in the truck???????? what do you mean you have to pump 2 million gallons of water out of your studio, we don't care, you have to work 14 hours today".

And then there's schom and link...

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Old 08-30-2000, 04:53 PM
lwilliam lwilliam is offline
Join Date: Dec 1999
Location: Allison Park, PA (Near Pittsburgh)
Posts: 5,099
Default Re: how come....

Are we getting warmer....?

Sidereal, I'm with you. When someone with an accelerated Celeron, SB Live, and Cakewalk creates something that's 4 minutes long and makes $97,000 off of MP3 downloads (almost $20K in July alone!), it makes one wonder, doesn't it? (I don't know what equipment was used for that, however).

Don't believe me? See the following:


...and I'll add my experience of a guy who insisted on singing into the TOP of a 414 with a windscreen, and grabbing it like it was a 58 - while it was on the boom stand!

At least he didn't start swinging it around the room. I guess the mic clip was too hard to "undo" for him.


PT 2021; MacBookPro M1; 16GB; Spectrasonics; Native Instruments, Toontrack, Waves...too many plugins.
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Old 08-30-2000, 06:02 PM
joshdaniels joshdaniels is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: london
Posts: 15
Default Re: how come....

non-arrogant newbie here,

maybe we are down 'cos tiger woods keeps winning majors by such a huge margin?

ok..i'll get my coat.......

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Old 08-30-2000, 08:51 PM
link link is offline
Join Date: Feb 2000
Posts: 216
Default Re: how come....

c'mon coaster,

quit with suspense already...who got it right???
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Old 08-30-2000, 09:16 PM
rat1016 rat1016 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Posts: 292
Default Re: how come....

Instead of enjoying the season finale of OZ, your stuck in session? A bad session.
Las Vegas
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