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Default Re: Getting full 128 channels in Atmos with MTRX Studio and HDX

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post
Yes, it is possible to deploy a dual MTRX Studio system connected to 2 HDX cards. Each HDX card would be fully connected to dual 32-channel DigiLink ports per box.

HDX A (1,2) to MTRX ST A (1,2)
HDX B (1,2) to MTRX ST B (1.2)

This gives you the ability to stream a full 128 channels from Pro Tools into the dual MTRX Studio units. From there, you would patch 64 channels of Dante on each MTRX Studio.

MTRX ST A: Source (Input) = DigiLink, Destination (Output) = Dante: 1-64
MTRX ST B: Source (Input) = DigiLink, Destination (Output) = Dante: 1-64

These would then be patched in Dante Controller 1-128 input a Focusrite PCIeR card attached to a dedicated RMU system running DAMS such as a 2018 Mac Mini. From there, you would patch out of the PCIeR into MTRX ST A which would be your primary monitor which could run up to a tuned 9.1.6 Atmos setup.

It's also possible (though not sure if Dolby signs off on it) to run the 2 HDX + PCIeR inside of a more capable computer like a 7,1 and repeat the exact same Dante and DADman patches.

Hope this helps.

Ok it's possible but is anyone running a system that way with no issues?
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