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Default Matched tracks going out of phase in PTLE7?

Last night, something about the vocal tracks didn't sound right. On isolating the two double-tracked vocals (already comp-ed and aligned), I could clearly hear something 'off'. The plug-ins on both the tracks were identical: Waves compressor, Renaissance EQ, Waves Vox and DeEsser with identical settings. Yet when I command-clicked the volume display to show the delays, track 1 read as '128 samples' but - get this - track 2 read as '64 samples'. One of the tracks had some 'sends' on it (reverb, delay), which I removed just to check if that had any impact on the readings. They didn't. Is this possible? Two identical tracks with the same plugs giving different delay readings?

I did create two fresh audio tracks and option-dragged the same plug-ins from one of the original tracks. Strangely, the differing readings showed up again. Maybe it's that time of year to improve one's knowledge of how the universe and PTLE really work, once again?

Of course, I used Time Adjuster to get out of the mess and all is sounding well. But what is going on, anyways? Is this happening to many folks or am I being singled out?

PTLE7, OSX 10.4, 002R, Powerbook G4, 1.5Gb RAM
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