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Default FS: NI Maschine (software), Komplete 8 Crossgrade, Komplete 9 Update

Note: Items are no longer available

I'm trying to sell all 3 together, ideally. Since these are older versions, I'm not sure what the going prices for them are. In the meantime I'll check and see what others are selling these for and will go with the best offer (if any).

I'm selling:

NI Maschine (software only)
NI Komplete 8 Crossgrade (from Maschine)
NI Komplete 9 Update

Notes: Since Komplete 8 is a crossgrade, it will require a qualifying product in the buyer's account. Here, I've coupled it with Maschine (software) which was the qualifying product for me but if you already have a qualifier, then I assume the crossgrade can be sold alone. Please make sure! Similarly, the Komplete 9 upgrade will require a qualifying product in your account, or the Komplete 8 crossgrade that I'm selling. I ideally want to sell them all together, for convenience. The sale requires boxed discs to be shipped. I will ship the Komplete boxes to a PayPal verified address.

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