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Default Possible DC Bursts from CPU overloading


I've had this problem in the past but I'm usually able to get around it by bouncing some tracks to get rid of plugins. I'm running a Mid 2012 MBP with an i5.

What happens is I'm using an instance of Elysia's Alpha comp on the master bus and I start getting little crackles and eventually all the audio just cuts out with a pop. The meters on my Duet max out and if I'm wearing headphones I can feel the pressure change leading me to believe this is a burst of DC. It stops with another pop when I disable or bypass the plugin. But as long as the plugin is engaged, it does it intermittently when audio is not playing and when I hit play it cuts out.

This isn't the only plugin I have this problem with. It tends to be the CPU hungry ones that do it. My system usage meters aren't spiking and I'm not getting error messages about CPU overload. Just these DC bursts or cutouts (neither of which is any good for my monitors).

Anyone else have this issue? I've not experienced it with any other DAW.
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