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Default Re: Dolby Atmos Speaker Snap not working using Production Suite

Originally Posted by originalscottyg View Post
Are you monitoring in Atmos and not hearing the snap behavior, or just editing and not seeing the snapping in the panner? The panner (definitely the Dolby panner plugin, and probably also the Pro Tools panner in Atmos mode) doesn't visually display the speaker snap behavior.

From the Dolby Atmos manual (sec 5.6.6):

Speaker Snap does not move the pan location cursor in the virtual room.
Note: For a visual representation of which speaker the audio snaps to, look at the room configuration in the Dolby Atmos Monitor application.

Hope that helps!

Sorry just noticed that you are monitoring in 7.1.4. So you are definitely not hearing the snap?
Definitely not hearing it - I don't really care for the visual information! When the panner is set to snap and I pan 20% off the front, signal is coming from my front and side speakers. If snap is working correctly, the sound should only come from the front in this scenario right? (Assuming I'm panned either hard to the left or right wall in this example). With my 7.1.4 set up, once I pan to 26% off the front, the sound should then exclusively come from the side speaker. Of course, this would be different with a room set-up with more speakers (and this being the entire point of speaker snap mode!)

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