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Default Dolby Atmos Speaker Snap not working using Production Suite

Hey all,

I'm editing material for a feature film to be mixed in Dolby Atmos, using the Dolby Atmos Production Suite.

With both the Pro Tools panner and the Dolby Panner, the sound is not snapping to a specific speaker when I engage speaker snap. All other panning modes seem to be functioning as expected. Anybody else encountered this? Bug, oversight, have I missed something?!

Couldn't find any forum or support portal on Dolby's website, so posting here instead.

Specs are:

Pro Tools 12.8.2
Dolby Atmos Monitor 1.6.3
Dolby Atmos Renderer 2.5.1
Mac OS 10.12.6
Monitoring setup 7.1.4

Thanks team!
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