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Default Need gear advice bad? Pro Tools 10 & mixing brands of converters

Been out of the loop for the last few years on the new technology for running Pro Tools as it's updated. Still running a Digi001 on a Dual G4 with Panasonic AD96/DA96 converters.

So what I want to do is update to ProTools 10, get rid of my 001, keep my Panasonic Converters and add a Lynx Aurora 16 converter set & pick up a one/two-year old used G5.

What would I need to get the Panasonic & Lynx converters working together? Lynx AES or LT-HD

The Apogee Symphony set also comes to mind and if this would work better then the Lynx.

Do I need to purchase a ProTools Core card & accel cards also?

Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you
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