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Default Re: PC - vs - Mac -- A Breakdown For Everyone

You said it all in a nutshell!!!!

you forgot tax ,shipping, warranties, return policy and there ability to ship you the right product. When I first got into system building I took this route for my first sweet setup heres what happened.

1.The company I got the drives from sent me some other guy's order by mistake and it took me three weeks for them to get it right.

2.The burner I ordered was a different model listed as a 2564/2564i and of course I got the version that was a box in spanish and manuals in spanish.

3.The drives I ordered were ata-66 instead of ata-100 like I wanted

4.The CPU I ordered once was DOA dead on arrival and it took me six weeks for them to get me a new one.

Total system cost the same as above
plus shipping wich at avereage is about %10 to the price listed. They charge you for two day air and then ship it ground but do not tell you until you check the tracking number out.

Total time to get your system parts????

who knows any thing could happen 2 weeks? 2 months? will you even get the right parts?

Did all the parts work when I got them?

Nope some did not work at all and I had to delay further to get them.

If you are a expert system builder and have seen the parts you want in action and know they perform perfect for the Digi-001 then by all means roll the dice.

But I am warning you , one of these things will happen to you with one of these parts.

When you do finaly get it going you face getting it to work with the digi-001, and when it doesn't you will be stuck.

It is so much better to spend a couple extra bones and go with a company that specializes in the design of custom computers for music.

You will be bypassing all of the above nightmares wich have happened to hundreds of thousands of "Pricewatchers"

There is a reason a company charges a little bit more for a product and here it is.

1.Full warranty
2.Full tech Support
3.New not (refurbished parts)
4.System configuration
5.Ability to trouble shoot with you for audio issues

The Digi-001 is fussy very fussy, and with out the right parts and knowledge of a system from a ground up level, you will be introuble unless you want to do hours and hours of research trouble shooting.

Saving money means nothing when your stuck with a DEA error message after blowing 1700 dollars and taking hours of your time to build it yourself.

Make it easy go with the system I got from a good company that builds systems for the Digi-001 and other Cards.

After adding up the price above it is about the same for there setups.
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