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Default Using PodXT with original MBox

I just got a PodXt for laying down guitar tracks in my home studio. Currently, my setup is an MBox running to Pro Tools 7 LE. I would like to know the proper technique for connecting the PodXT to the Mbox to get the best possible sound quality with the least amount of noise/hum/pops and other signal quality issues. These are the aspects I need assistance with, as I am fairly new to home recording:

-Do I need to use a DI Box anywhere in the signal chain?

-What kind of cables should I be using? balanced/unbalanced? (PodXT accept them both for outputs)

-Should I be plugging the outputs of the PodXT directly into the Mic/Line Inputs, or use the TRS jacks because the PodXT is considered "outboard gear"

-Which setting should I use for inputs on the front when coming out of the PodXT into the MBox, Line or Instrument, and does it depend on the cable I am using?

-Lastly, should I save all other effets and EQ processing (ie: verb, eq, compression) for mix down and just use the PodXT for my amp distrotion/mic/cabinet model settings??

Thank you very much, any help is greatly appriciated!!
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