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Default Need users opinion: New digi users domain name (unofficial)..

Hey all, I am going to set up an official digi users site, that we will all be able to find information on Digidesign products. It will have reviews, a board (and links to this board), FAQs, setups, product reviews, etc...
However, what in a name? Everything!!! And I need to figure out what domain name to register.
I am asking you guys because, well you are the ones who will hopefully be going to the site. I am crossposting this to the bigger digi rooms, so I can make sure everyone gets their 2c in. Please, don't go and register the names that we mention here out of ideas of profit or spite. I am doing this out of my own pocket, for everyone here, not to make a buck- and if the name is registered, I am just moving on to another, not paying you 10 grand for it.

My ideas so far:

You turn!!! The best liked name gets registered (hey, I might even get two and point them both there if there are a few good ideas.)

David Fisher
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