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Default Unable to monitor spdif input on digi 001

howdy everyone. Here's my dilemma-

I buss 8 channels of A-dat optical into a yamaha 03d. The rest of the channels are bussed to stereo outs of the digi, which is analog 1/2 and spdif out. I can monitor everything fine on the yamaha board, and I send a stereo mix of everything from the 03d mixer back to the digi via spdif out of the yamaha. When I bounce to disk, the spdif signal sent from my mixer doesn't end up on the mix. I also cannot hear the returns (spdif) from the yamaha if I monitor from the digi 001 with my spdif cable going into the input on the digi. I think I'm missing a small but vital step. Any suggestions?
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