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Default MTC timecode output problem

Hello everyone ~

I am having some success using MTC video slave (picture on a windows 10 machine) to chase my Protools 6.4.1 on my mac. The only problem is the MTC coming directly from Protools seems a bit choppy. When it works smoothly, the lock is generally very good and responsive, however, the timecode output seems choppy...what happens is the MTC program video buffer starts glitching and I can tell it is coming from Protools because my Mac mouse cursor starts glitching and freezing up. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens often enough to be a real deal breaker.

In my 20 years of using protools, I had never had PT output MTC before in the Session Setup box. And I rarely if ever saw my mouse and keyboard cursors glitch and hang up in this manner.

So the MTC comes out of a USB port into the AMT8 midi interface, then through a JP Cooper Synapse and into the MIDI4x4 interface for the PC.

The whole purpose of this technical problem is to get a better picture output when working with Protools 6.4.1


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