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Default Panic about new Carbon purchase connections

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
Wow Thank you brother! So we dont need to run the carbon with Thunderbolt then and use it like you described? That sounds soo much easier

So as we never used catalina does anyone know where to download the 10.15.0 as we cant go direct from mojave to atalina 10.15.7 combo as it says we need 10.15.0 first. Anyone have any idea where to downmoad the first Cat so we can then run the 10.15.7 combo or single version. Still dont know what combo means as i thought we could run that right over mojave but that doesnít work

its2loudís link will get you the Catalina installer. It will be the latest release, so no need to grab any updates after that. There may be some security patches, but just run software update once installed and it will update those.

FYI - Combo updaters contain all the point updates. So if you had 10.15.0 installed, the 10.15.7 combo update contains all the incremental changes from .0 to .7. A regular update only contains the changes from the prior release. Eg: .6 to .7. Thatís why combo updates are much bigger in size compared to regular updates.

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