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Default Panic about new Carbon purchase connections

Ok so we bought a carbon to try out properly. As many know we have a bog full studio but the tech stuff is something I suck at.

So it says that Carbon runs on Ethernet cable (included?) or thunderbolt ethernet to Thunderbolt. So it also says some ethernet to tbolt doesn稚 work with AVB so what do we actually need as we will run the Carbon on a 12 core trashcan and Thats Thunderbolt 2 as we have our 7.1 macs filmed with Apollo X series so this carbon has to work with a trashcan. I still use mojave but thats not gonna work as I read so about the connections, can or should we use the ethernet cable included or buy a adapter, if so do we need a tb 3 and then a tb2 too as the Mac is TB2?

Did we buy the carbon before thinking about this as it might not work with a Trashcan?

Please please advice you guys who run Apple and know what is best, ethernet from Carbon into ethernet port on trashcan or adapter and what do we need? One or two for tb3 or tb2 depending on what Carbon needs using the ethernet cable as there isn稚 a Tbolt port on the carbon which we found out after unpacking so WTF is there no TB port ??? Feels very old!
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