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Default SOLD!!! PT Ultimate w/15 months supportplan $1200

S O L D ! ! !

Thank you Nico for a quick (really quick) deal and a pleasant conversation. Hope we meet this summer

Selling one of our Pro Tools Ultimate licenses with a full 15 months support plan as we just added 12 months and that start in december 31st as our current supportplan is 3 months left on so that adds up to 15 months.

Probably best Deal on the internet!

This needs to sell quick due to investment in a new Carbon and here they cost almost 5000 USD.

This is a PERPETUAL license and not a Subscription.

So selling incl fee 80 bucks and ilok fee 25 bucks. I値l eat the Paypal fee aswell in a quick deal!

Price quick deal 1200 dollars including 15 months support plan as our new 12 month renewal starts dec 31st and we still have 14 weeks left on our existing supportplan.

Will make the transfer quick as I am a 8+ year moderater here so you can feel safe buying from me

No trades or lowball offers. We have other ideas if not selling here otherwise.
Best Regards

South Side Music Group
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