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Default Re: pro tools digi 002, or Cubasesx with EMU 1820m

No you can't use mics in the TRS inputs as they don't have the correct gain. Most everyone recording drums does so with either an Octopre or a DigimaxLT. Those TRS jacks are good for more outboard mic pres that don't have lightpipe(like Vintech or UA610). They are also fine for patching keyboards and synth modules. I have my Roland TD10 patched to all 8 TRS jacks and record everything else thru a Focusrite ISA428 thru lightpipe. When I first got my 002, I recorded bass direct into TRS#1 and it worked fine. Digital sync is required when you have multiple digital sources patched together. They all need to sync to the same digital clock to avoid clicks and pops. Using something like the Digimax is easy as you patch it in with ADAT's lightpipe protocol and tell the 002 to "sync to ADAT" and it all works perfectly. You do need to make sure your session settings(sample rate/bit depth) match the settings on the Digimax but its generally something you set once and forget about.
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