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Default SC48 Error & Crash mid-show

SC48 displayed 'Ready To Resume" dialogue on screen mid-show. (see attached)
Selected "Resume Operations" command.
Desk then went into fault mode with all meters at max level and high frequency screech.
Restart was slow and then a song or 2 later, same 'Ready To Resume' error appeared - desk then went in 'Backup mode' - only mutes and faders working.

Tried a second restart - this time appears to cycle around a fault in the BIOS boot-up - never fully loading to startup screen - this repeated for 5-6 minutes.
Unable to enter Test mode.

Thankfully had another Sc48 in the truck and swapped out (phew!).

Appreciate any insights into potential cause.
•Hard Drive?
•BIOS Battery?

Thanks for any insights.
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