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Default Re: How I solved my midi double note problem

Originally Posted by relse View Post
Like others, I was getting double notes when recording midi in ProTools. I would get one note of normal duration, and one very short co-located note that I normally couldn't see or hear, unless I magnified the track, or if I tried to quantize, in which case I would hear what was apparently random shortened duration on playback.

I am using an MAudio Axiom-61 keyboard, which I connected to my Mac with the supplied USB cable to get power to the keyboard, because it didn't come with a power supply. I also connected the MIDI OUT of the keyboard to the MIDI IN of my MBox.

Turns out that by default the Axiom sends MIDI messages through both the USB and MIDI ports. The solution was to "MIDI Out From USB" mode OFF in the Axiom, by pressing the Data2 and Data3 function keys simultaneously (this might be different on the Axiom 25 - see the user guide). Alternately, in ProTools, choose Setup-->Midi-->Input Devices and deselect both occurrences of what appeared in my setup as "USB Axiom 61".

Hope this helps other fellow sufferers!

I know this is many years later but..

You are the man! There is no way I would have figured that out. Would have had the problem forever..

Why would it make the other note super short?
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