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Default Copied region length auto-adjust to paste location length?

Hello all,

I'm still working in HD7.4 and was wondering if this is a feature that's been added to newer versions of PT. I do a LOT of audiobook production, which often involves pretty extensive editing.

A quick run-down to be clear about what I'm doing/asking:

I'm often performing edits to remove noises that occur between spoken phrases. But we don't want to leave digital silence in the track, so it's important to paste in recorded room tone rather than simply cutting the offending material out.

Typically I'm doing these edits during playback in real time. I'll drop in a short section of room tone audio at the end of a phrase and then manually adjust the length until just before the next phrase starts.

I've always thought that it should be possible to copy a long stretch of audio (say 10 seconds long), select the area in between phrases (say 1.5 seconds), and have the long pasted audio auto-adjust to the 1.5 seconds of space.

Hope that makes sense? So the question is whether copied regions can auto-adjust to targeted paste lengths in newer versions of PT?

It seems to be the sort of feature that could sneak into a new release without getting much attention.

Thanks in advance!

Dual 2.0 G5
PT 7.4 HD3 Accel
OS 10.4.11
1.5 GB RAM
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