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Default Avid 1 year subscription on sale now!!

Hi my 1 year licence for Avid Pro Tools runs out this year 2021 September 16th.
It is on sale this month cheap.
I am wondering if i buy e 'NEW' year subscription from AVID whether it will sit in my account so i can activate it when my current year ends. This way i can get it cheaper now and have it ready to go. I can just let my current 1 year subscription end and then start with a 'NEW' year.
Will this work in my account? Does the year subscription need to be activated by the user/buyer when they are ready.

I am just worried if i buy the new year now then i will lose the last few months of my existing 1 year licence. Still waiting to hear back from AVID support.
Surely the licence can just sit in your AVID account until you choose to activate it?

thanks for your help
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