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Default Re: I have to enable onboard audio for 8.0.4 to start !?

Originally Posted by neuromillion View Post
Since upgrading to 8.0.4 (+cs2), i have to enable my integrated soundcard (in the BIOS) in order to be able to use Pro Tools. Otherwise i get a "Pro Tools is unable to reacquire the hardware because it is in use by another application (...)" message when i launch Pro Tools.
With the 8.0.4 driver, 002r is the default audio peripheral for windows. I changed that to "AC Realtech something" in the windows (XP) control panel and PT would launch. But I thought we were supposed to disable onboard audio ?
Kind of odd. I know w the eleven rack you must have it on but not the 002. Are you disabling it in the bios or device manager? Or somewhere else?

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