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Default Trouble installing PT7.0

OK, get this. I've tried 3 different drives, erased them and freshly installed OS 10.4. I've tried this several times on 2 of these drives. I got PT 7.0 to install only twice without freezing. It always freezes with 397 files remaining to install. When I update to 7.1cs4, after the 2 times I was successful installing PT 7.0 the installer freezes with 396 files remaining to be installed. I've put Toast, Jam, Quickeys, and probably 4 or 5 additional small apps on these drives with no problem but the Pro Tools installer freezes. I thought it might be the actual CD install disc so digi sent me a digidelivery disc image and I installed from there. It froze for a few seconds at 397 files installedbut then sqeeked by and loaded. Then of course 7.1cs4 froze.
Anyway after I force quit the installer the amount USED in the info of the start-up drive continues to grow. So I'm forced to erase HD and start over.
Anybody have any ideas. Tech support appears to be tapped but I will try them again.

10.4.3 G4 dual 1.25 2G ram
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