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Default Re: Eleven Rack makes Clicking/Popping Sounds


I am not a Pro tools user...sadly it looks pretty impressive. HOWEVER I've recently had a HD crash and was in a bind to quickly replace it, in which I replaced it with the "WD5000AADS-00S9B0" as you've mentioned is in your machine. I use FL-Studios (fruity loops) to create sound for game projects I work on and only after installing this have I noticed a chopping noise start occurring.

I know that increasing the buffer size within FL-Studios resolves this to an extent...however the noise actually occurs even when I'm simply listing to Pandora or doing something un-related to Fruity Loops so I'm now assuming the HD is a pile. Though looking further into the specs it does have 32mb Cache...and I'm no computer expert but that should suffice for a win7 desktop application. So...I'm very confused. And even more so upset because these clicks record in my tracks and no one wants that.

If anyone found a resolve to this I would greatly appreciate some info, maybe the HD isn't the cause but from what I can tell that is where the issue is coming from.


I've also recently upgraded my Video card...but it's a gtx 580 I highly doubt it has any type of performance issues. Other than the size of the d@mn thing.
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