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Default Re: Eleven Rack makes Clicking/Popping Sounds

Hey I believe I have solved this after much frustration/late assignments. I had stumbled upon it but wasn't sure exactly what thing I was doing to remedy it. So I will start by saying adhere to typical equipment and computer startup order, etc.

But what I just found is that it is 100% this: Go into a Pro Tools Session or if you can find it manually on the 11R let me know too. Get your Eleven Rack Window out (the graphical one with the pedals and stuff). Click USER OPTIONS (top left) and go down the the headphone volume knob and turn it up/down a little. See if your session starts playing.

Also, just before this I remembered to turn my Windows sounds off. But this is definitely a glitch of the headphone out. Possibly for some reason causing the interface to be stuck in a weird loop where it's volume is jumping until you move this knob. Where to find it if you aren't in Pro Tools I can't figure out. Sometimes I just want to listen to music or play guitar so it's still a pain.

Anyone else? Help?

Avid? Is this turning a pot inside the machine that is glitchy or what?
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