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Default Re: Playback Latency? Unsure how to describe

You need to get basic settings correct. Randomly changing stuff will not help.

Are you using software or hardware monitoring? What are you recording?

make sure the playback engine is set to the interface not an aggregate device (every time Pro Tools starts)
Ignore errors should not be checked, it adds latency
Get the the IO buffer size set as small as possible (without Pro Tools crashing)
Make sure you do not have high latency plugins in the monitoring path
Use delay compensation if needed to correct plugin latencies (learn what the delay comp numbers and colors mean in the delay comp display in the mix window)
Avoid using aux sends... or understand them better… they can add an additional 1024 or 2048 sample delay for the disk playback buffer (the buffer you do not adjust in the playback engine setting) very much discussed on DUC in the past.
If there is a problem with latencies/offsets then measure what that is… the exact values often give clues.

Who knows if something here is caused by you using an unsupported configuration, you should fix that.
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