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Default Re: pro tools digi 002, or Cubasesx with EMU 1820m

I don't know what the EMU unit is capable of but I can tell you the 002 is a great compact setup. Easy to do 16 inputs at once(12 mic/4 line) by adding an 8 channel preamp via lightpipe(Presonus Digimax(LT), Focusrite Octopre, M-audio Octane etc.). To have all 16 mic inputs would require 4 more mic pre's as inputs 5-8 are line only(of course that's a great place to patch in a couple of Vintechs and some UA610's). If that's not enough, you can add 2 more via SPDIF but you will need to find a way to sync 3 units digitally. Cubase certainly works, but Protools is Protools.
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