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Default "built-in" disappeared from Sound control panel and DAE error 1107

Hi all,

Here's an interesting situation I've run into:

1. In the Sound control panel, on the Output tab, there's no option for "Built-in" any more. I tried reinstalling the control panel by copying it from another Mac, and it didn't help.

2. The Digidesign control panel does not open (it gives a generic error message about not being able to run).

3. When I launch Pro Tools, I get DAE error 1107 and then it quits. I got around this by disabling the Digidesign control panel - now PT runs fine, so that's cool.

But now when I open the Sound control panel, there's *nothing* on the output tab - no Digidesign (because I disabled it), and no Built-in. Any idea what's causing these different problems? At least I can run PT, but I'd like to know what's up with my Sound and Digi control panels.

Thanks for any help,

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