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Default Recording Midi freezes hangs Pro Tools

I just started attempting to record some midi tracks using Pro Tools 7.1 on Windows XP.

I'm using an old Roland Sound Canvas, and Korg SG-1 midi controller.

I recorded bass drum, snare, hi-hat, and piano, and a click track. The bass drum, snare and hi-hat are being played on Midi Channel 10 through to the Sound Canvas. The piano is playing on Midi Channel 1 out to the Korg Sg-1. So far so good.

Now attempting to record a bass guitar using Midi on Midi Channel 2, all goes well for about 25 seconds then Pro Tools just freezes up, and hangs, and the only thing I can do is kill the process, then reboot the laptop. Its a Dell Latitude D610 laptop by the way.

I'm using a midiman usb interface.

I was able to record another 12 track song without any issues, but I wasn't using the Roland Sound Canvas.

I turned off local control on the Korg Sg-1 midi controller.. I don't see any local control options on the Roland SG-1.. I think its possible it may be a stuck note in a loop, but not positive. The Ctrl+Shift+. method to unstick midi notes, didn't help. I can see the volume indicator stuck on one or more of the drum tracks in pro tools.

I've spent all afternoon, and night with the same problem, and I'm ready to chuck everything right against the wall.. please help me!!

Thank you.
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