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Default Re: Set the 003 as slave

Originally Posted by KoMa View Post

I'm using the Kemper Profiler via spdif with my digi 003 rack and Logic Pro X.
Unfortunately there is some crackle and other noises when doing this. I have no found out that in order to get the setup work I have to set the Kemper Profiler as the master and the 003 as slave.

Can anyone tell me how I can do this? Haven't found any usable info in the manual or goole. Do I need to buy an external wordclock for this or is there a different possibility to set the the 003 as slave?

Thanks for your help!

Why doesn't the 003 work as the master? It should be fine as long as the session and the kemper are set to the same frequency and the 003 and kemper are connected digitally both to and from each other and kemper set to slave!

Does it not work like this?

To set the 003 as the slave I guess you just need to set the kemper as the clocking source in the audio control panel for the 003 or Logic but I don't know logic that well, but what ever digital connection is coming from the kemper should be set to be the clocking source. Personally I wouldn't use an external device as a master as it can cause problems later when/if the device is not available to clock the session.

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