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Default Re: Pro Tools 10 HD (Cursor Freeze/Playback Freeze)

Originally Posted by vinlance View Post
Has anyone dealt with this bug and/or know how to solve this problem?

I am currently using Pro Tools 10.3.5 and I never really do a "Bounce To Disk" in Pro Tools. I always print within the session. Here's the problem: Every time I print, and export the print, I cannot play audio in my session any longer. Whenever I hit the spacebar to play what's in my session, my cursor is frozen. I have to literally "quit," not "close," because I tried that...but I have to QUIT and save the session, and open it back up again. This is very irritating.

What's the issue with this?
Hi, Not sure why that's happening, but please provide more info about your system. Start here:

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