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Default Re: A Strange Problem

Originally Posted by BasilF View Post
Thanks for responding. Yea, "track" is confusing. You boot PT. You create a new project. We'll call it project A. You work on it. There may be something that you want to work out, like a solo or orchestration. For that, you create another project. In that one, when I bounce to the original project, it's off by three 8th notes. Yet, in the secondary project, if I bounce it to another track and then bounce THAT track to the original project, it's perfectly aligned on the 1.
Are you careful that you select exactly the region that you want to bounce, in both bounce procedures? If you are, I'm out of ideas.

(Actually the term 'project' is also a bit of a problem. Of course we all work on projects all the time, but for those who are using Pro Tools First, it could be a cause for confusion, because: Avid, in their wisdom, decided that they would call the two different types of sessions that PTF can have, is called 'project' - it is stored in the cloud, and 'session' - that is stored on your harddisk.)
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