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Default Re: Control 24 and LE 6.9

I had thought that you can't use it with the 002, which already has an integral control surface, but that you can use it with the 002 rack. Not sure by the way the original post states the question, but remember that it is not a substitute for your interface. In other words, you can't ditch the 002 for the c-24. In fact, although there are 16 preamps, these do not interface directly with your computer but need to be patched through your interface.

The C-24 is a very complicated mouse, in my opinion. I've heard a few people say that they prefer working with the c-8, which is a scaled down version. Also, just so you are aware, the monitor outs are a bit more noisy than the 002 or c-8 for some reason. However, we've just bought one because there just isn't anything else in the price range that can do the things the c-24 can do. If we had had another 5k to play with, the D-Command would have been a much better choice.
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