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Default Re: Drum tuning question. Real kit

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Good advice from Bill^^^. I would also search youtube(as great as Bill's explanation is, seeing it in practice can make a big difference). Be forewarned, not every drummer is good at it, so judge what you see on youtube. You may learn how to do it well, and you may also learn how NOT to do it.

BTW, if you have any drum VI, you might call up various samples and use them as a comparison(assuming they sound good to you)
Thanks guys! I actually did use Superior Drummer to reference to. But the Toms on the kits that I have are not the same size, so the tones are off. The kit I have on SD is 10, 12, 14, 16. Mine is 12,13, 16 so I don't know if the 12 in SD would be where I would put my 12. I'm a guitar player. lol this is very new territory. Usually make the drummer fix the issues. But now that's me. I'm having trouble setting my 12" to the proper tone. So the other two suffer. I think I'm having the most trouble knowing how high or low to put the 12". I'm gonna try to find a similar drum sample on youtube or google and use that. Clear as mud right? Thanks
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