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Default EuControl 3.1 Macro Keystroke commands not working

Even though I've had my Artist Control and Artist Mix for several months, I'm just now starting to dig deeper into their functionality. Everything (except the infamous "Mix/Edit Windows follows bank selection", of course) seems to be working pretty well but I can't get any "Key" commands to work inside the macros for the Soft Keys on the Artist Control. The EUCON commands and the "Jump to Page" commands work just fine.

I then decided to look at the macro commands for a bunch of the Avid default pages and I noticed something. None of the defaults utilize any Key commands! Every one of them (that I looked at) utilize either a EUCON command or a Jump to Page command or both. Does this mean that Key commands don't work, or am I doing something wrong?

The reason I'm wanting to do this is that I saw where one guy posted a macro series that would supposedly scroll the screen a definable number of tracks at a time with a single soft key press. This would be a great work-around for the "Mix/Edit Windows follows bank selection" issue until it gets resolved. This requires a EUCON scroll to track command, but also requires a few additional keystrokes, which I can't get to work.

Can anyone else confirm that Key commands are working in their soft key macros?



Win7 x64
Pro Tools 10 and 11
EUCON/EuControl 3.1, firmware update installed

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