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Default Re: Managing Memory Locations

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post

Let's take a closer look at working with Memory Locations on S4 S6 - including Markers, Selections, Track Views and Window Configs. There are 3 basic ways to access Memory Locations via the Soft Keys:

(1) Press the Mem Loc switch from the numeric section on the Automation Module. This uses a single quadrant to show Memory Locations in chunks of 10 spanning 10 pages.

(2) Hold Shift while pressing the Mem Loc switch to access 48 vertically oriented locates, then page to access locates 49 - 96.

(3) Hold Shift while pressing the - switch on the numeric section to get a combination of Memory Locates and Automation functions. 24 vertically oriented locates are on the Left with Auto1 and Auto2 defaulting to the right side.

Managing Memory Locations

When you combine the track show hide marker workflow with macros calling up layouts, you get this really fast switching workflow I have been using sense PT9.
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