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Default C24 monitor section not responding

Hello, guys.

Before I start this thread, I am sorry for my poor English.
I'm a Korean sound engineer working in Korean dubbing studio. I am now having a critical C24 issue but have nowhere to ask anymore and everyone said that I should ask here so here I am.

A few days ago, I got to work, turned C24 on and pushed the mute button to unmute C24 and start my work as always. Then I noticed that C24 had no response. I pushed every buttons on the monitor section(mute, dim, mono, solo, mode...literally everything) but none of them worked. LED lights hadn't changed too.

I tried to run Vegas test but when I pushed the button below the Vegas Mode, It turned back to the previous menu of utility mode. So I couldn't run the Vegas test. I tried to get into System of utility mode but it shares the same button to get into Vegas Mode... so that also didn't work.

Then the next thing I tried was the firmware reset and ethernet thing. But that didn't fix anything.

I'm still struggling trying turning C24 on and off, unplugging and plugging the cables but the monitor section and the Vegas mode/System button is not responding... It is very strange because pro tools connected perfectly and faders works fine.

I think this C24 has a critical hardware issue, which is I cannot fix. But I've heard that it is very hard to fix C24 in Korea these days so if anyone had a similar experience, or knew something that I can try further, please share your knowledge and help me!
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