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Default vid card for PT11 and 2013 mac mini/ izotope 7


I've been happily working away in Protools 10 HD for *ahem* quite some time.

it all works altho dropbox support has dropped away.

I did however just upgrade Izotope from a considerably older version. seems that was a mistake! it doesnt work in 10.9.5 and protools - well at least the connect aspect doesn't.

I do have a partition with 10.12.5 and Protools 11 HD - but then realise my ancient but fully functional canopus DV card isnt going to work ( will also need to upgrade a load more plugs )

wondering if I can be bothered, I could just do my RX duties and then switch back to Pt10 set up for the rest but would like to regain drop box so curious
what vid card do I need? I can have firewire or thunderbolt I guess? HDMI??
i7 quad mac mini - 10.9.5 - 2x 1 TB SSD Focusrite Saffire PRO 40
protools 10.3.10 ( also 11.2,1 ) CPTK/ HD Avid MC Mix / MC Control
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