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Default Re: 003 Drivers not showing up in Device Manager

Wow old thread.

How does one go about finding something in the Device manager that isn't there? What magic wiggle of wires did the poster do, or did he just miss the drivers the first time he looked?

My MBox 3 Mini does not fire up, although the blue light is on. I had such high hopes for him. I was going to take good care of him, feed him well, send him to a good school, etc. Where did I go wrong?

I suspect my box is fried although how this happened when it worked a week ago is unknown. I unplugged it once when the PC was off, there was no warning in the docs, that you can't unplug it.

Has anyone had a similar experience or know what is going on? I'm afraid I have to return this to the stork or Amazon or Avid or something.
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