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Hello, all,

The velocity in PT defaults to "80", as opposed to "100" in Sonar.

1) How does that compare with other DAWs?

2) Do you folk maintain the "80", or have you adjusted it to suit youw previous DAW(s)?

3) For "Strike!" users, how does it feel/work/sound at "80"?

1: Well, I suppose that would depend on the patch/sample you are using on your synth/drum machine/plug in.
2: I don't pencil in notes, I play with feeling. It's called dynamics.

3: It feels the same, works the same, sounds different depending on how Strike is configured to play back multi samples.

What does it matter what the default value is if you can change it to what you like in the prefs? Midi velocity values go from 0 to 127. So 80 in one app is 80 in another. Same for 100 or whatever other value you like. Read up on midi a little more, and by the way, polls arent allowed here.
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