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Default Re: Questions about DV Toolkit 2

Hi, obviously with any native system (including PTLE) you're best to get the fastest possible computer you can afford and a fair chunk of RAM also. You should be able to playback 48 tracks fine with a slower dual processor, or a reasonably fast single processor, but you may have to off-load things, play around with buffer settings etc. You can only send & receive MIDI Time Code (MTC) via Pro Tools LE, not LTC, or VITC like with TDM versions of software/hardware. So, you'll need a MTC to SMPTE converter such as MOTU Digital Timepiece or similar. You can use SPDIF for speed & MTC for position for PT's then to lock it up with other players or apps.

I highly recommend the DV Toolkit 2 option. It makes LE very, very professional in my mind for film & TV applications.
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